About PageCritiq

PageCritiq is an online crowdsourcing tool for landing page feedback. Submit your landing page for critique from other designers and community members. Join the discussion and rate other landing pages at random, providing an objective analysis for every user. PageCritiq features popular pages with high rankings - the more you rate, the more landing pages you can submit for evaluation!

Why Share Your Pages?

Your landing pages are valuable real estate on your website. You count on them to promote your products and services and to convert online sales. But are your landing pages as effective as they could be?

You and your team are often too close to the project to evaluate it with fresh eyes. PageCritiq lets you share your page with other designers and marketers to receive quick and helpful feedback. By participating in the PageCritiq community, you can find inspiration, see what works, and get personalized feedback for your web pages.

Set Up Your First Page

We’ve made it easy to share your landing pages on PageCritiq. After a quick registration, you can upload a screenshot or URL of your first page. PageCritiq lets you ask the community custom questions about the page. Some examples might be:

  • "Which pricing plan stands out to you?"
  • "How well do you think the images fit the message?"
  • "If you were visiting this page, where would you click next?"

Respondents will provide feedback to your questions and give your overall page a thumbs up (or down). This simple ranking tool lets you see the pages that are receiving the most positive feedback. Learn which pages stand out, and optimize them to capture even more leads!

Participate in the Community

PageCritiq thrives on the valuable input of community members like you! As you browse other pages, jump into the conversation with honest feedback and productive suggestions. For every page you critique, you receive a credit. Three credits are required to upload one of your own landing pages for feedback.