5 Minute Landing Page Review - DemandForce

Mar 04, 2015

Listen to Jeff Blettner, Conversion Specialist at Formstack, critique a landing page by DemandForce.


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Are Your Web Forms Tanking Your Landing Pages?

Jan 15, 2015

When you’re so focused on your landing page’s design, copy, and flow, it can be easy to overlook your actual submission form. But if your form is a last minute tack on to your site, it may be killing your conversion rate. 

Many marketers don’t realize that one little form flaw can affect an entire landing page. No matter what you’re promoting, you’ll want to avoid these three common mistakes. 

Mistake #1: Mismatched Messaging

Have you ever been excited about a special offer only to be confused when you went to sign up? Or unable to even find your deal on a website where it’s buried?

This is how your audience feels when your form message doesn’t match your landing page content. Common examples include:

Forms that require credit card info for “free” trials Coupon promotions that lead to full-priced order forms Contest forms tha

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5 Real-Life Examples To Create High-Converting Landing Pages

Jan 15, 2015

At the end of the day, conversion is the real goal of every landing page. No matter how many times your mom tells you it’s stunning and creative, the only metric that matters is how people respond to your call to action. Do your visitors submit their information, register for your event, or buy your product? 

But learning to put together a high-converting landing page is no easy feat. Subtle changes in design, layout, or copy could mean the difference between coveted clicks or the dreaded “back” button.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page infographic breaks down key components to include on your landing page. But sometimes what you really need are examples of best practices in action. 

Below we’ll highlight five examples that showcase some of the key elements of high-converting landing pages. 

Matching Headline to Ad Copy: Wall Street Journal<

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4 Tips for Effective Small Business Landing Page

Jan 15, 2015

Marketing is a crucial component for small business. You want to stand out among your competitors and offer innovative special deals. And while traffic is important, conversions are the true measure of a successful marketing campaign for your small business.

Whether your goal is subscribers, enrollments, or sales, a landing page can be an extremely effective tool. Here are some insider tips for successful landing pages:

Keep your focus

Be very clear on the purpose of your landing page. The goal of your page should be only one thing. Some examples include: become a subscriber, download this eBook, register for this event. All of the page components should be directing visitors towards this call to action.

Consider using video

Include media on your landing pages to detail your call to action. Videos have the added benefit of building trust with your visitors when they see and hear

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One Simple Secret to Drive More Twitter Traffic to Your Landing Page

Jan 15, 2015

Twitter may seem to be a challenging medium for promotion. Your tweet may only be at the top of your followers’ feeds for mere seconds. Can you really write something clever enough to stand out? 

Maybe you should take a different direction. #herecomesthesecret #hashtags Yep. Twitter hashtags, when used strategically, can be a brilliant way to drive fresh traffic to your landing pages. You can network across your industry and connect to new potential customers with a little hashtag finesse. Get started with these three tips:

Discover the Right Hashtags

Let me introduce you to RiteTag. If you haven’t previously tried this tool, you’ll be amazed how it can improve your hashtagging savvy. This app audits your tweets and ranks your hashtags within current trends.

Learn if your hashtag is unused or overused, limiting your chances of discovery. Try to include more hashtags ranking

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Everything You Need for the Perfect Event Landing Page

Jan 15, 2015

When you’re planning an epic event, your to-do list may feel a mile long. And even if you know how important your event landing page is to event success, it may be lower on the list. Save time and create the perfect landing page with this go-to checklist.

Value Proposition Visitors to your landing page should understand immediately what they will gain by attending your event. Whether you are hosting a fundraiser, concert, or 5K, it provides something of value to your attendees. Communicate your proposition clearly and concisely.

Examples of value that your event might add:
    •    Unique experience (concert, gallery opening)
    •    Knowledge (wine tasting, guest speaker)
    •    Community (charity fundraiser, reunion)
    •    Competition (race, obstacle challenge)

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